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The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Scientific and Technical Committee (NMIMR-STC) was established in the year 1982 with the mandate to examine the objectives, relevance, scientific quality and budgets of all research projects proposed and also review the progress of execution. An ancillary responsibility of the committee was to serve as a conference committee of the Institute. During that time the composition was as follows:  

  • The Director of Noguchi (Chairman)
  •  Co-ordinators of projects
  • All heads of Unit
  • Two (2) members elected by the Research Fellows and Honorary Research Fellows of the Institute

Outside Representation included:

  1. Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture
  2.    Department of Community Health, University of Ghana Medical School
  3.    Department of Food Science, Faculty of Science
  4.     Institute of Scientific Social and Economic  Research (ISSER)

The committee met quarterly to review proposals submitted to it for review. The numerical strength of STC used to be twenty two including administrative staff.

Over the years concerns had been raised regarding the large numbers of protocols required as part of submission process. For this reason, a proposal was put forward at a Faculty Board Meeting held on 20th July, 2012 to re-constitute the STC. This was to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the committee and also reduce the number of membership. This led to the current composition which is as follows:


·        Director of NMIMR (Chairman)

·        Two (2) Professors elected by Fellows

·        Four (4) Heads of Departments elected by Fellows

·        Head of Department from which the protocols is coming from


Outside Representatives are as follows:

·        A representative from the Social Sciences Department (ISSER)

·        A representative from the Medical School

·        A representative from Faculty of Science


In attendance are the following:

·        The Institute Administrator

·        The Research Development Officer (Co-ordinator)

·        Administrative Assistant

The numerical strength of STC now is 18 including members in attendance. The committee meets on the first Tuesday of every other month and operates on the academic year schedule.

A protocol submitted by PIs to the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) must satisfy the following:

·        3 hard copies and a soft copy (sent by mail to the co-ordinator through email address:

·        3 hard copies of CVs of PIs and Co-PIs should be (Abridged versions/NIH standard preferable)

·        A cover letter signed by the Principal Investigator; For students signed by Supervisor/Head of Department

·        Consent Form for research participants  attached to each proposal (use Noguchi Consent Form Template)

·        STC submission form filled out and attached to each proposal

·        3 hard copies of all supporting documents including questionnaire, interview guide etc must be submitted


STC Contact


The Co-ordinator


P. O. Box LG 581

Legon, Accra-Ghana

Tel: +233 030 2916438


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