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Name: Dr. Ignatius Cheng Ndong
Telephone:+233-302-501178/9 ext 3401

Department: Epidemiology

Role: Post Doctorial Fellow

Ndong Ignatius Cheng holds a PhD. from the Department of Pharmacy, North West University (Potchefstroom Campus) South Africa, he also holds an M.Phil degree in Entomology (Ghana, Legon) and a BSc in Biochemistry (Buea). He has occupied the post of Director of Cooperation and the immediate past Coordinator of the Graduate Programme for Health Economics Policy and Management and is a Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda. He also offers lectures on the Economics of Clinical Trials, research methods and health policy in the Department of Health Economic Policy and Management and also lectures in the Department of Biochemistry.

His interest is to become a leading scientist in the field of Implementation Research with a focus on infectious diseases such as malaria. In order to achieve this goal he has started a clinical trial site at Mbakong Cameroon, where he is evaluating the implementation of the malaria treatment guidelines for Cameroon. In the past, he profiled the Anopheles gambiae s.s. in Ghana, and in Cameroon. Also, he is evaluating the malaria drug pressure on fibril patients seeking treatment in health facilities in Cameroon and the economic impact of using insecticide and chemoprophylaxis to control malaria in an area high asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia. His interested is the focus of his present postdoctoral research. In the near future, he am hopes to contribute to malaria eradication through implementing large scale mass testing, treatment and tracking.

He is engaged in community ownership-awareness schemes to sustain the global effect toward eradicating malaria and other tropical diseases. As a research student, he participated in the vector surveillance programme of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) University of Ghana (2007-2008). He participated in developing the Malaria hand book for Cameroon (2009). He served as a field coordinator in the Research on Economics of Artemisinin Based Combination Therapy (REACT) Project in Cameroon Coordinated by the Universties of London, Yaoundé I and Enugu (2009-2011) under Pr. Wilfred Mbacham. He served as a key member of the Technical Committee and which developed the Research Handbook for the Catholic University of Cameroon Bamenda. He currently serves a member of the Senate and University Council, Senate Standing Committee for Research at the Catholic University of Cameroon and member of the Institutional Review Board of the University.

Presently, he is involved dedicated to developing a clinical trial site at Mbakong a malaria endemic area in Cameroon

Research Interests:

Malaria and Epidemiology


  • Trends in Malaria case management in Cameroon 2006-2012: A retrospective study.
  • Exploring the impact of scaling up mass testing, treatment and tracking on malaria prevalence among children in the Pakro sub district of Ghana.


 Recent Publications:

  1. Ndong, Ignatius C, Reenen, Mari van, Boakye, Daniel A, Mbacham, Wilfred F, Grobler, Anne F, (2015) Trends in malaria case management following changes in the treatment policy to artemisinin combination therapy at the Mbakong Health Centre, Cameroon 2006-2012: a retrospective study. Acta Tropica
  2.  Ndong, I. C., Van Reenen, M., Boakye, D. A., Mbacham, W. F. & Grobler, A. F. 2014c. Trends in malaria admissions at the Mbakong Health Centre of the North West Region of Cameroon: a retrospective study. Malaria Journal, 13, 328.
  3.  Achonduh, O. A., Mbacham, W. F., Mangham-Jefferies, L., Cundill, B., Chandler, C., PamenNgako, J., Lele, A. K., Ndong, I. C., Ndive, S. N. & Ambebila, J. N. 2014b. Designing and implementing interventions to change clinicians' practice in the management of uncomplicated malaria: lessons from Cameroon. Malaria Journal, 13, 204.
  4. Lindsay J Mangham, Bonnie Cundill, Olivia A Achonduh, Joel N Ambebilla, Albertine Lele, Theresia N Metoh, Sarah N Ndive, Ignatius C Ndong, Rachel L Nguela, Akindeh M Nji, Barnabas Orang-Ojong, Joelle Pamen-Ngako, Virginia Wiseman, Wilfred F Mbacham, 2011: Malaria prevalence and treatment of febrile patients at health facilities and medicine retailers in Cameroon. Tropical Medicine and International Health, vol. 17, 330-34.
  5.  Ignatius C, Ndong, Dziedzom K. De Souza, A. Brown, Michael D. Wilson, Daniel A. Boakye, 2009: Taxonomic relationship of the molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae Giles s.s. (Diptera: Culicidae) from the middle belt of Ghana as determined by the cytochrome c oxidase subunit one sequences. (Abstract: e-Biospheres09 conference website:






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