Dr. Isaac Otchere wins CAN ACA Awards

 Dr. Isaac Darko Otchere, a Research Fellow at the Bacteriology Department, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Crick African Network’s African Career Accelerator (CAN ACA) awards for 2019 (Grant ref: CAN/C00008/1).  The awards are for young, intelligent and self-motivated African scientists who aiming to become independent researchers leading their own research groups. Dr. Otchere is interested in the use of high throughput technologies to study the basis of bacterial evolution, virulence, pathogenesis and emergence of drug resistance. He is fascinated with bioinformatics discovery of biomarkers for monitoring treatment, development of vaccines, diagnostics as well as targets for drug development.

 Summary of New Project:

 Tuberculosis (TB) is an ancient disease caused by group of closely-related bacteria and leading cause of mortality world-wide. The existing control measures have utterly failed mainly due to the neglect of the inherent differences among the TB pathogen. These differences potentially influence how the bacteria transmit, establish disease, elude host defense and respond to drugs as well as sensitivity of diagnostics. Albeit the TB bacteria types are geographically distributed, almost all the known types are found in Ghana. This provides rare opportunity to explore the potential influence of the pathogen-differences on its survival mechanisms for clues towards efficient control programs. This project will use high throughput and synergistic omics technologies to investigate the potential phenotypic implications of the inherent differences among the TB pathogen types while looking for information that can be used for effective diagnostics, vaccines and as targets for drugs.




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